Pritzker Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group


Upcoming Events 2022

-Hand Casting Clinic (TBD, October)

Past Events 2022

-Surgeon-Scientist Panel in Collaboration with Orthopaedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery (Zoom, Jan 2022)

-Intro to Orthopaedic Surgery Panel for M1s and M2s (Zoom, Jan 2022)

-Orthopaedic Surgery Residence Overview Panel w/ UCM Ortho Residents (Zoom, Feb 2022)

-Diversity in Orthopaedic Surgery Panel (Zoom, Mar 2022)

-Sawbones Clinic w/ Dr. Dillman (In-person, April 2022)

-Orthopaedic Surgery Subspecialty Panel (Zoom, April 2022)

-Casting Clinic w/ Dr. Qin (In-person, April 2022)

-Volunteering with OrthoReach UCM Faculty/Residents at Rush to teach and garner interest in Orthopaedics among high school and pre-med students of underrepresented minorities in medicine through the I Am Abel Foundation (In-person, May 2022)

-Suture Workshop in collaboration with SIG (In-person, June 2022)

-Chicago Ortho Residency Program Directors Panel (Zoom, July 2022)

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